Justin - Find My Gold Shoes. adidas NEO contest

Justin for NEO!

Justin will be the new face of Adidas’s teen-focused NEO label, here’s the first promo pic. (More info here)

Another promo pic

Another promo pic

Another Adidas promo shoot. (thanks, justinbiebeeeer)

Congrats! You found the gold shoes!
Now take the code and enter it in the following Facebook app: http://a.did.as/UVHJhR
Good luck!
We would like one of our visitors to win this Justin Bieber + Adidas competition, so here you have the hidden golden shoe. Make sure you like the contest facebook page and enter the code shown in the GIF.

Check out this sexy promo picture!

Another promo pic of Justin for Adidas NEO Brand!

More of Justin for Adidas NEO Brand!

promo gif of Justin for Adidas NEO Brand!


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Hei, vi er tre Beliebere: Eirin (13 r), Celine (15 r) og Martine (16 r). Vi blogger om alt av Justin Bieber :) Hper dere liker bloggen vr!